Are You Causing Damage to Your Hair?

Are you contributing to hair damage by how you treat your hair? The following suggestions may help to prevent some of that damage.
Damaged Hair
Either let your hair air dry or wrap it in a towel to dry.

Handle wet hair as little as possible. Brushing wet hair can cause breakage unless hair is tightly curled or textured which requires brushing to decrease the chance of breakage.

Keep brushing to a minimum. Brushing too often can cause split ends.

Reduce use of long lasting hold products. When you use a comb to style your hair after applying products this can cause the hair to break and can cause hair loss.

Let hair partially dry before styling or combing. Blow dry less to limit damage.

Only use flat irons on dry hair on a low or medium heat. Do not use a flat iron more than every other day. Only leave a curling iron in place for a second or two. Excessive heat can damage hair.

Don’t wear braids, ponytails, cornrows or hair extensions on a daily basis because these styles pull hair and can cause tension which leads to breakage. Permanent hair loss can develop.
Damaged Hair
Of course, the above are not the only cause for hair loss and thinning and you should consult with a professional if you are experiencing an excessive amount of hair loss. Go to a hair restoration specialist for a consultation if you suspect that your hair is falling out more than normal and you are seeing thinning, baldness, hair or damage no matter what you attempt to do yourself to correct it.

Someone experienced in the treatment of hair loss can guide you to a treatment plan to protect the hair that you have and prevent further hair loss in some cases. They can also suggest plans for the treatment of baldness and solutions on how to look and feel your best while living with hair loss.

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