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Boise Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is perhaps one of the most exciting developments in the hair restoration industry in recent years. This state of the art technology is changing the way doctors and patients approach the treatment of hair restoration. This non-invasive hair restoration solution has proven to stimulate hair regrowth in men and women of all ages.

Also known as Low Level Laser Hair Therapy (LLLHT), laser therapy is the process of administering cold laser treatments directly to the scalp. The hair regrowth powers of laser hair therapy was first discovered by Dr. Endre Mester in Budapest, Hungary in 1967. Today low level laser technology is used for a wide variety of medical applications including the treatment of low back pain, wound healing, joint disorders and more.

Low level laser hair therapy works as a result of a biological reaction to light. Unlike surgical lasers, LLLHT does not include a heat element. Also known as ‘cold lasers,’ these infrared lasers have been proven to stimulate blood flow and therefore hair regrowth. With regular treatments, most patients begin to see hair regrowth in a matter of months. However, it is important to note that early intervention is key. The sooner low level laser hair treatment in administered, the higher the likelihood of positive long term results.

Capillus272 ™ Professional

Capillus272 Professional
The Capillus272 Pro is a non-invasive, in-home hair laser hair treatment. Unlike earlier, less advanced solutions, the Capillus272 delivers in-office quality LLLHT in the comfort of your home and on-the-go. Designed to wear under your favorite hat or ball cap, the Capillus272 Pro delivers 272 professional laser diodes directly and evenly to the scalp. This revolutionary treatment delivers the highest concentration of low level laser hair therapy of any in-home solution.


The latest portable hair restoration device from the makers of the Capillus272, the Capillus82 was approved by the FDA in the US in 2015. A battery-powered laser hair therapy cap, the Capillus82 delivers 82 laser diodes directly to the impacted area(s) of the scalp. Also designed to be worn discreetly under any cap, Capillus82 is the ideal solution for the early stage hair loss suffer as well as those looking for a lower cost alternative to the Capillus272.

Capillus272™ OfficeProfessional

Capillus272 Office Pro
The Capillus272 OfficePro is an FDA-cleared in-office solution for hair loss sufferers. Delivering the same level of LLLHT as the Capillus272 Pro laser cap, OfficePro is the perfect solution for the patient seeking regular contact with their physician. As well as those interested in experiencing the hair growth benefits of a Capillus product before investing in an in-home solution.

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