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Female pattern hair loss in rarely talked about. We hear about Male Pattern Baldness all of the time, but Female Pattern Hair Loss is real and it is VERY common. Almost 1 in 5 women experience some level of thinning by age 45. At A Renewed Image we understand that hair loss in women is very different than hair loss in men. Our hair is part of who we are. It makes us feel beautiful. It can make us feel strong. Take that away, and we feel naked. A woman should never have to feel this way.

Women's Hair LossWe can help.

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Women can experience hair loss for many reasons. A few being alopecia, chemotherapy, trauma, or medical treatments. Some women even experience hair loss when there is no obvious reason to be found. If you fit into any of these categories then A Renewed Image has solutions that can help restore your hair. We customize all of our hair to fit your lifestyle. Every woman is beautiful and unique. It is our joy to customize a solution that will be right for YOU.

Women’s Hair Replacement ARI Hair Studio

The totally undetectable, proven non-surgical hair replacement technology for women experiencing the devastating effects of female hair loss.
Our proven methods are a non-surgical hair loss replacement technology that is virtually undetectable and becomes a part of you, much like a second skin.

Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions are hair replacement systems that are designed especially for women that has successfully bridged the gap between surgical transplants, chemicals and conventional hair loss replacement.

Any Color, Any Style. Perfect Natural Results.

Coiffance Professional Hair Care Products

Not all women want to wear their hair down over their forehead. ARI solutions offer a completely naturally appearing front hairline, age appropriate density, where the scalp appears normal and visible when the hair is parted, with an uninterrupted scalp. That is, no perceptible change in coloration, appearance or feel between the original hair and scalp and the hair and scalp that has been treated.

Unlike chemicals or surgery, Our non-surgical solutions guarantees a significant increase in hair density.

Unlike surgical techniques, All of our non-surgical methods requires no “donor” area, nor is its success dependent upon the texture and curl pattern of donor hair.